ekmPowershop have 1 package at £24.99 per month, no psychological powers of persuasion to try and sign you up to a ‘Most Popular’ or ‘Best Value’ package…Is this shrewd? Lets take a look

I have to say I am really impressed with everything that ekmPowershop offer. The Price, for product offering and the support is very good which is why they have earned my award.

However, please do not take my word for it… try all ecommerce platforms on the market and feel free to make your own judgement.


One Package – £24.99 per month
  • Free setup
  • Use your own domain
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited Products
  • 5 GB File Storage
  • 0% transaction fee
  • Discount code engine
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Maintenance
  • Free Technical Support
  • 301 Redirects
  • Advanced Inventory Manager
  • Block Visitors
  • Classify Categories & Products
  • Custom Meta Data
  • Customer Login
  • Customer Reviews
  • Discount Management
  • eBay Integration
  • Google Tools
  • Import / Export System
  • Product Attributes
  • Product Image Zoom & Light box
  • Product Summary in Categories
  • Related Products
  • Search Statistics
  • Social Plugins
  • mCommerce enabled

ekmPowershop advertise (correct as of 1st Oct 2013)

‘Everything you need for £24.99 per month’, so lets take a look and see if indeed you do get ‘everything you need’.

a) Free setup – 99% of all other platforms offer this

b) Use your own domain – 99% of all other platforms offer this

c) Unlimited bandwidth – For £24.99! They beat the other platforms hands down

d) Unlimited Products – For £24.99! They beat the other platforms hands down

e) 5 GB File Storage – should be adequate to begin with (but if you ask they will up it free of charge)

f) 0% transaction fee – just what you need

g) Discount code engine – For £24.99! They beat the other platforms hands down

h) 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – no other provider offers this

i) Free Maintenance – I presume this is standard across all platforms

j) Free Technical Support – Some platforms do not offer this service

k) 301 Redirects – essential if you are moving your site from another provider

l) Advanced Inventory Manager – this is a cool feature

m) Social Plugins – essential in this day and age

n) Classify Categories & Products – classify your products for eBay and Google is a neat little feature

o) Custom Meta Data – other platforms ask you to pay for an additional App/Feature to allow you to do this.

p) mCommerce enabled – not free with many other platforms and not for £24.99 per month!

q) Customer Reviews – not free with many other platforms and not for £24.99 per month!

r) Discount Management- not free with many other platforms and not for £24.99 per month!

s) eBay Integration- not free with many other platforms and not for £24.99 per month!

t) Google Tools – expected as standard, you will need to monitor your visitors with Google Analytic’s

u) Import / Export System – great facility, and one that other platforms do not offer

v) Product Attributes – unlimited product attributes allows you to add, colour, size and any attribute you want.

w) Product Image Zoom & Light box- not free with many other platforms and not for £24.99 per month!

x) Product Summary in Categories  – nice feature, but pretty much standard

y) Related Products – great feature that allows you to up sell

z) Search Statistics – if you don’t have Google Analytic’s then this is a fantastic alternative

If I had any letters left I could continue listing more Free features that are included for £24.99, such as:

a) API access

b) View orders on the move with their iPhone and Android App

c) Bulk Discounts

d) Recommended retail price (RRP)

The list seems endless.



ekmPowershop advertise  ‘Over 150+ free ecommerce templates’

Looking through the Free templates, I was, admitted impressed. With a good collection of styles and designs in various colours. It seems on first impressions that ekmPowershop’s free templates are much better than their rivals’ free template and in most cases better than the competitors paid templates.


In my opinion ekmPowershop is simpler to use than Shopify, Volusion and most definitely Magento. They have provided you with the basics which is more than enough and for non technical users simplicity is key. ekmPowershop seem to have  created a user friendly interface. They have many features that are not installed as standard which is good and enables you to pick, choose and add at anytime, Free of charge.

App/Features Addons

ekmPowershop have not bombarded the user with Apps/Features/Addons, however what they have done is provided the essentials, Free. They do have an enormous amount of third party apps and variations of third party apps that can overwhelm you. What they do have are apps that you will need and use, should you so wish.

They have a few Features/Addons that you can purchase at an additional cost but these are third party plugins:

  • Postcode Ferret – Starting from £9.99 per month
  • SellerExpress – Starting from £50.00 per month

Summary – Overall Score 8 out of 10

ekmPowershop have a great platform and product offering. Initial impressions show that you do not need to have any programming knowledge as the fundamental basics are all there to begin with.

Value for money compared to some other platforms is exceptional – one price for all – £24.99 per month. This is why they come out on top and win my award.